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20th Century Classics carries a worldwide stock of stamps, postal history and collections. In addition, we carry a fine stock of postal stationery, including foreign stationery, which tends to be difficult to find on the show circuit. Our stock emphasizes small countries and colonies, used stamps as well as mint and, generally speaking, what we hope you will find to be interesting, and frequently elusive, material.

Established in 1989, following my retirement as a physicist, 20th Century Classics turns a life-long hobby into a business. My  first major show was the 1992 Columbian Expo in Chicago. Subsequently, my wife Theresa and I have done shows all over the US, plus several in Toronto, Canada, as well as Stampex in London. This was followed by numerous Mega Events in New York and on the west coast, as well as Pacific 97 in San Francisco.

We have promoted stamp shows in the Southwest for more than ten years, starting in Colorado Springs, then moving to Denver, with a few events in Santa Fe and quite a number in the Kansas City area. The nineteenth Colorado Stamp Bonanza was recently staged in Denver, bringing in dealers from around the country. was started primarily to reduce the wear and tear involved in traveling to shows around the country. These days, major shows outside Colorado are at least a thousand miles away. Flying on airplanes is not as pleasant as it used to be, making the decision to go to the Internet rather easy.

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