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RU 07/01/2022 Training Sailing Vessel "Mir"
SK 07/01/2022 The 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Important Figures of the Štúr Generation
BR 06/30/2022 The 200th Anniversary of the Independence of Brazil
HK 06/30/2022 The Hong Kong Palace Museum
B3 06/30/2022 "Valter brani Sarajevo" 50 Years of Film
AT 06/29/2022 Paintings - "Water" by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1526-1593
MY 06/29/2022 Traditional Boats
RS 06/29/2022 The 25th Anniversary of Telecom Serbia
CN 06/28/2022 Hydropower Construction
XM 06/28/2022 Blessed Charles - The Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia
PH 06/28/2022 The 125th Anniversary of the Department of Finance
PL 06/28/2022 Poland See More
UA 06/28/2022 Children's Art
CR 06/27/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Youth Red Cross of Costa Rica
FR 06/27/2022 Marianne - United in the Ukranian Crisis
PT 06/27/2022 The Seahorses of Ria Formosa
DZ 06/25/2022 The 19th Mediterranean Games - Oran
TF 06/25/2022 Pioneer Antarctic Explorers
PM 06/25/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Federation of French Philatelic Associations
VN 06/25/2022 Vietnamese Fairy Tales - The Starfruit Tree
HU 06/24/2022 The 800th Anniversary of the Golden Bull of Andrew II
MD 06/24/2022 Discover Moldova
RO 06/24/2022 Invasive Species
KR 06/24/2022 Astronomy
A2 06/23/2022 Transportation - Volkswagen 1303 S
DE 06/23/2022 G7-Presidency Germany 2022
IE 06/23/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Start of the Irish Civil War
IT 06/23/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the First Electric Locomotive E.431
06/23/2022 The Diplomatic Representation of the Palazzo Orsini Order in Rome, Seat of the Embassy to the Holy See
SY 06/23/2022 Flowers of Syria
TH 06/23/2022 The 80th Anniversary of the Meteorological Department of Thailand
ZC 06/22/2022 The 40th Aniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands
GG 06/22/2022 SEPAC Issue - Seagull Mischief
MN 06/22/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Intelligence Services
CA 06/21/2022 Indigenous Leaders
NF 06/21/2022 Morepork - Back from the Brink
PY 06/21/2022 Anti Corona Campaign - Let's Eradicate COVID-19
PN 06/21/2022 The 40th Anniversary of the Birth of the Duke of Cambridge
ES 06/21/2022 The Sierra de las Nieves National Park, Malaga
TR 06/21/2022 Fauna - Crabs
AM 06/20/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Khachatur Abovyan Pedagogical University
BD 06/20/2022 Refugees of the 1971 War in India
NL 06/20/2022 The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of King William I of the Netherlands, 1772-1843
RW 06/20/2022 CHOGM Opens in Kigali
US 06/20/2022 Floral Geometry
UY 06/20/2022 In Memoriam - President Tabaré Vázquez, 1940-2020
EE 06/17/2022 The 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with the United States
LV 06/17/2022 Flora - Water Lobelia
NO 06/17/2022 The 50th Anniversary of the Decriminalization of Homosexuality
SG 06/17/2022 Singapore Mascosts