Stampworld News - Spectacular Wooden Stamp

September 2017

Spectacular recent issue from Austria

On July 28th, the Austrian postal service issued a spectacular new stamp, which follows the line of spectacular stamps issued once in a while by the Austrian Postal Service. They have a tendency to push the boundaries for traditional stamps, and tend to use a combination of ground breaking printing process and utilize products not normally used in the production of stamps.

This issue is no different, as it also breaks with tradition. This issue was made in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Austrian Federal Forestry Office, and in order to celebrate the anniversary, the Postal Service decided to make the stamp depict an Oak Tree, which is a indigenous species in Austria. This might not seem special, as many other stamps depict trees, but the spectacular treat here is not the motive, but the material. All the Oak Tree stamps were produced from a single 210 year old Austrian Oak Tree, and the stamps are made of very fine cuts of wood.

The production of the stamps is very difficult, as wood changes, based on the temperature and moisture, making it very difficult to produce similar products. This means that all the issued stamps are unique, using different parts of the Oak Tree for production. The shape of the stamp is made to symbolize the Oak Tree, and the shape is made using laser-cutting technology.

The stamps are denominated at EUR 6.90, and can be found in our Catalogue, as well as with Nordfrim.

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