Newsletter June 10 - 2016

June 2016

Dear Member,

The dust has now settled after the New York World Stamp Show, so today we will look at a couple of interesting facts from the show, as we round it off. As always, we will also look at a couple of interesting recent stamp issues from around the world.

And finally, we would like to introduce you to Qensio, and encourage you to join a sweepstake, which you can read much more about, further down.

Lastly we will tell you about the next steps we are planning for Stampworld.

So sit back and enjoy.


New York World Stamp Show 2016

The philatelic event of the year ended less than a week ago, and it will be a while before we see an event of this magnitude again - at least on American soil. The World Stamp Show is hosted in America every 10 years, and the next event will be hosted in Boston in 2026.

The 2016 World Stamp Show was a great success, with more than 50 postal services, 150 dealers, more than 100 organizations, and several auction houses filling up the Javits Center on Manhattan. Throughout the show, there was a steady stream of visitors, and according to Linn's, at least one postal service actually ran out of stamps to sell.

There was also quite a bit of action around the different auctions which were going on at the event. At one point, a single collection, was sold for more than 1.7 million. One of the most anticipated items being auctioned at the event was an Inverted Jenny stamp, which was offered for sale by an anonymous seller, and bought by an anonymous buyer for roughly $1.3 million.

Stampworld also had a representative at the event, as our project manager attended the show, and spent most of the time talking with dealers, postal services, and a range of other companies related to philately. Apart from gaining valuable feedback for the site itself, he was also there to look for potential partnerships in the industry, and we hope to be able to present you with a range of new partnerships in the near future.

Current and Upcoming Stamp Issues

Japan Post: National Land Afforestation Day:

This set of stamps is issued by Japan Post on the 3rd of June 2016, in celebration of the national afforestation day in Japan. This is a special commemorative set, which has been issued over the past several years, and each time they focus on a different Japanese prefecture. This year is focused on the Nagano prefecture, and the 10 individual stamps of the set represents flora, which is found in the area. The denomination of all the stamps are 52 Yen, and they come in sheets of 10 stamps. They can be found in the Stampworld catalogue here, and can be purchased on Japan Post directly. The image shows the first 4 stamps of the set.

Russian Post: 100th anniversary of Russian Orthodox church in Vri mountain pass:

This issue is a joint issue between Russia and Slovenia, and was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox church in the Vri Pass, built in 1916. The church was built in remembrance of the many Russian war prisoners, who were kept in working camps there during the First World War. The prisoners were tasked with building and maintaining a road through the mountain pass, and on one unlucky day, an avalanche hit the workers, killing more than 500 of them. During the two years the camp was functioning, more than 10,000 prisoners died there.

The denomination of the stamp is 21 Roubles, and can be found in the Stampworld catalogue here. It was issued on the 27th of May, 2016.

You've Got Mail!

Are you the type of person who can't wait to receive new letters or packages because stamps are your great passion and you cannot have enough of them?

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QENSIO is a market research agency focusing on international studies for postal services and several international companies such as Deutsche Post. QENSIO has been successfully performing in this market for more than 10 years. They are based in Munich, where they have a team of 15 people working. QENSIO is working with a worldwide operating panel to measure the transit times of international letters and packages, namely how long it takes to send a test item from city A to city B.

QENSIO is always on the lookout for new participants/panel members!

As a panel member you will be acting as a recipient (or a sender) of worldwide test items, and you will report the date of receipt via their survey web portal.

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And who is this so called "QENSIO-Man"?

QENSIO-Man is a lively little guy, who likes to broaden his horizons and is interested in everything new. He's pretty much at home anywhere in the world and is always helpful and ready to have fun. Whenever there is news, information or anything entertaining, "QENSIO-Man" appears on QENSIO's website or Facebook page!

Just have a look at QENSIO's Facebook page and check out the latest news. There are sweepstakes, photo contests and from time to time you have the possibility to win a stamp collection. And QENSIO-Man is always happy to meet new friends and fans!

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What is next at Stampworld?

We are always working to improve at Stampworld, and we are working on a whole range of great updates to the site, which we will be introducing in the near future. We are using the summer to get Stampworld in perfect shape, so we will be able to give you an even better experience on the site.

We are also looking to add more interesting content to Stampworld, in the form of articles and blog posts, among other things. If you would like to help us with that, either by contributing articles or blog posts, helping moderate the forum, or anything else, we would love to hear from you, and you can contact us at

At Stampworld, we do our best to serve you the content that we believe you would appreciate the most. The best way for us to do that, is by knowing your specific areas of interests in relation to stamp collection. When we know what countries you are primarily interested in and what themes you prefer, we can provide you with content, news and great offers that relate to these areas. If you wish to fill in your interests, you can do it right here, or by going to your profile at

If you have a collection that you wish to sell, but do not want to go through the trouble of selling the items individually, here is some great news: At Stampworld, we are currently updating our collection section, so very soon the browsing and buying of collections, will be as simple and easy as browsing the regular catalogue. We are adding a range of additional search options, making it easier to find specific items. We are also making it much easier to get an overview of the selection, by adding improved filtering options. If you are interested in selling, or in supporting the development of Stampworld in general, you can upgrade your account, and information about this can be found here.

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