Stampworld News - Great Australian Issue

September 2017

Great recent issue from Australia

On the 13th of June, the Australian postal service issued a set of commemorative to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of one of the most impressive Australian short story writers ever, Henry Lawson.

Henry Lawson was the son of an immigrant miner, Peter Lawson, and a prominent force in the Women's movement, Louisa Albury. Henry Lawson struggled early in life, as he had problems with hearing from a very young age, which developed into complete deafness in his teens.

Henry Lawson is famed for his contributions to Australian literature, and especially his work on short stories has been widely admired. It has even earned him a reputation of being one of the all-time greatest Australian writers.

Much of his work focus on the hard life in the bush, and the stamps issued in June also has this as their main focus. The two stamps feature two of his most famous stories. The Drover's Wife is a depiction of the difficulty of a life in isolation in the Australian bush, and revolves around the wife of a Drover and her four children, and how she deals with difficulties of life.

Mitchell: A Character Sketch is a part of a series of stories featuring the same person - Jack Mitchell - who is one of the favorite characters depicted by Lawson.

The background of the souvenir sheet features passages from life in the bush, and has an illustration of Henry Lawson on the left.

the stamps are denominated at AUD 1 and AUD 2.95 respectively, and can be found in our catalogue.

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