Stampworld News - World's Most Beautiful Stamp of 2015

September 2016

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Have you taken the time to look through all of the 10,000 stamps of 2015? Austrian WIPA did, in order to determine the most beautiful stamp of 2015. You can see the winner below.

We also have a few recent issues featured - one from Finland, and one from Canada, that both feature interesting themes, that are definitely worth checking out.

This, and much more, can be found below - happy reading!


The World's Most Beautiful Stamp of 2015

A large number of stamps are issued around the world every year, and in 2015 we recorded almost 10,000 new issues over the course of the year. All of the newly issued stamps have their specific features, and a lot of work goes into producing the stamps, all the way from idea generation, to finishing the design and print.

Every year at the Vienna Stamp Exhibition WIPA Grand Prix, Austrian WIPA selects and announces what they perceive as the world's most beautiful stamp. The decision is made by a jury consisting of philatelists, members of the media, and art experts, and they take in to account factors such as the design, innovative printing technique, and how well the issuing country is represented in the stamp.

The most beautiful stamp of 2015 was issued as a joint issue between Aaland Post and Swiss Post, and was issued on September 3rd.

The stamp, which is one stamp in a set of two, features a Bernese folk dress brooch, traditional to the Swiss. The stamp was designed by Cecilia Mattsson, who is a brand manager at Aaland Post, and who has also previously been rewarded for her designs. In 2014, her design of the Aaland Post EUROPA Stamps, was designated as the most beautiful musical stamp of the year.

The stamp can be found in our catalogue.

Current and Upcoming Stamp Issues

Posti Finland: Endangered Species - WWF

On September 9th the Finnish postal service issued a set of three stamps in cooperation with WWF. The stamps are designed by Petteri Mattila. Each stamp features an endangered species which is native to Finland. The three featured species are the Saimaa ringed seal, the pygmy damselfly and the lesser white-fronted goose. Each species has a stamp designated to it, and the backside of the stamps carries information about the work being done by WWF to protect the animals. The stamps can be found in our catalogue, and can be purchased directly from the Finnish postal service here.

Canada Post: Haunted Canada 3

Are you ready to get spooked? This set of 5 stamps, issued by Canada Post on September 8th, features symbols of 5 different horror stories popular in Canada. Each story has its own stamp. As the name suggests, this is the third set of Haunted Canada stamps issued. The stamps are designed by Lionel Gadoury, and illustrated by Sam Weber, and all five stamps feature holographic foil effects, which make the stories come to life even more. They can be found in the Stampworld catalogue, as well as Canada Post.

Nordfrim A/S - Stamps Worldwide

There are some things that you can never get too much of as a collector, especially if your collection has a tendency to keep growing. It seems to happen automatically, and before you know it, your collection has grown from a few stockbooks of country-specific stamps, to a few full shelves with a worldwide assortment of stamps in several themes. If this has happened to you, don't worry - Nordfrim has got you covered. They have everything you need, to make sure your ever increasing collection gets the attention that it deserves. Here are just a few selected items, that could be useful.

Stockbook with stamp illustrations on the cover - EUR 4.50 - save EUR 3.45!

This A4 sized stockbook with 16 white pages provides safe and easy storage of your stamps. They come at a very good price, which is also why there is a maximum of 10 books per customer.

Luxury Stockbook from Lighthouse - EUR 26 - Save EUR 7!

If you need a little more space for your collection, this is a great choice. Here you get a product of very high quality from Lighthouse, with 64 white pages.

And in case you would like to expand your collection, so you have something to put into those new stockbooks, Nordfrim has you covered as well. They have a wide range of Wonderboxes, where you get unsorted material from around the globe, which will provide several hours of fun.

In need of a Specialized Catalogue?

Stampworld is a great resource for many of our members, as we cover the entire world, with almost all stamps that were ever issued. However, some collectors go more in depth with certain areas, than what Stampworld offers at the moment. We want to be the first choice for all collectors, but we also accept the fact that there are still areas where we could improve. However, if you are looking for specialized catalogues, you can find them right here!

MICHEL Catalogues have been around for many years, and have built up a great reputation, when it comes to specialized catalogues. They are used as a clear point of reference for many European collectors, who have historically based their collections on the MICHEL numbering system.
MICHEL carry a wide range of specialized catalogues, both on country and thematic levels, and is recommended if you need to go deeper than what we currently offer at Stampworld.

Status at Stampworld

At Stampworld, we are thrilled about entering the Fall season of 2016, as we have great things coming for you later this year.

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