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August 2016

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The Olympics are still going strong, and so are we! This week we look into a couple of recent issues from Australia and Brazil, as well as a special Olympic offer from two large sellers on Stampworld.

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Olympic Games 2016

The Olympics have now been going on for two weeks, and it has gotten a great deal of attention worldwide. It is always interesting, when you enter the final week of the Olympics, as many of the most widely recognized sports are concluded during this time.

Stamps with Olympic themes are certain to be issued from a whole range of countries, in celebration of the current games. Many issues were made prior to the Olympics, and many more will come in the following weeks and months, celebrating the winners of this years games. You can see a collection of Olympic themed stamps issued in the last year here.

Olympic Special Offer:

Don't forget that two of the main sellers on Stampworld, have a great offer during the Olympics. Hollands Glorie and Erik Boere, two of the largest sellers on Stampworld, each with more than 200,000 items for sale at the moment, have decided, that along with any order placed with them during the 2016 Olympic Games, they will provide a free gift - an Olympic Game sheetlet! It will be this sheetlet from the Netherlands, that will be gifted.

Don't miss out on this great offer, which ends along with the Olympics. You can see all the items that Hollands Glorie has for sale right here, and you can find all of Erik Boerés offers right here.

If you are looking for Olympic additions to your collection, the best place to start is Nordfrim. Because of the sheer size and popularity of the Olympic Games, Nordfrim has dedicated a part of their site, for everything related to the Olympics. They have a very wide assortment, ranging from old issues to some of the newest ones, and even into other related categories. They have done a great job, and it is really worth checking out.

You can find a wide range of Olympic themed items at this specialized Nordfrim site.

Apart from the Olympics, Nordfrim also offers a wide range of other products, so make sure that you check out their online store. They have literally everything related to stamps, and is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to philatelic accessories. You can check out their website below.

Current and Recent Issues

As mentioned above, a wide range of stamps are issued in relation to the Olympic Games, to celebrate the impressive event, which only takes place every fourth year. So today we focus on two issues with Olympic theme - one from Australia, and one from the host country, Brazil.

2016 Olympic Games - Australia Post

This issue from August 2nd, was issued in celebration of the 2016 Olympic Games. The stamp has a multicolored background, featuring all the colours of the Olympic Rings. The design is very simple, putting emphasis on the background. Across the stamp, "Rio" is written, as this is the Brazilian city hosting the Olympics. The "i" in Rio is designed as a gymnast during her performance. In the bottom left corner, a swimmer is pictured in silhouette, and in the top right corner, the Olympic Rings are shown. The denomination of the stamps is AUD 1, and it can be found in our catalogue here.

2016 Olympic Games - Correios Brazil

This sheet was issued by the Brazilian postal service, Correios, on the 15th of December 2015, and is hence not a completely new issue. The sheet consists of 30 individual stamps, denominated at 1.40 R.

Each individual stamp focuses on a different sporting event, apart from the top left and bottom right stamps. These two show the mascot of the games, and the logo of the games, respectively. The colorful background of the sheet is inspired by the logo of the 2016 Olympic games, and is kept in the same shapes and colours. The sheet can be found in our catalogue here.

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