Stampworld News - Introducing Catawiki Auctions

How to find that last stamp to complete your collection

Are you looking for a specific stamp, but you have no idea where to find it? Look no further, auction platform Catawiki to the rescue! Catawiki is a relatively new face in the stamp world, which gives collectors from around the world the opportunity to bid on unique stamps, which you won't be able to find in your local stamp store. Catawiki offers more than thousand stamps on a weekly basis, ranging from singles to whole sets.

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Creating a Catawiki account

First of all, creating a Catawiki account is completely free. You only pay a commission fee when you placed the winning bid on a stamp. Here you can see, how you register for an account: Register here.

Place a bid

You can place a bid by selecting a stamp from a running auction categorised by the country of origin such as Germany, UK or even Asia. If you selected a stamp at auction, you will find an orange box on the right side, which says place a bid'.

Security Guarantees

If your bid on the stamp was the highest, you will automatically receive an email at the end of the auction stating that you have won the auction. This email will contain a link to the payment page where you will have three days to pay for your stamp. Your payment will run through a very secure method of payment. Catawiki then informs the seller that the buyer has transferred the payment and ask him to ship the stamp.

How the shipment takes place

As soon as you have paid, the seller will be notified. The seller sends your purchased items within 3 working days. You can track the status of your winning stamp in your account. Sign into 'My Profile', go to 'My Purchases' and select the order in question. The seller may also indicate that there is a pickup option for certain stamps. So what are you waiting for?

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