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May 2017

Check out this week's newsletter, which features two great new stamps issues from Europe, as well as a few great offers from Nordfrim.

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Current and Upcoming Stamp Issues

Correios - Spain: Star Wars:

On May 23rd, the Spanish postal service issued a new souvenir sheet, featuring one stamp, and five connected vignettes. The stamp depicts Darth Vader - the main villain from the Star Wars films, and the vignettes each represent a character from the Star Wars universe. The First movie was released in 1977 by George Lucas, and the series originally planned to be a trilogy, will now have 9 movies directly in the series, along with a whole host of other movies and shows in the form of spin-offs.

The souvenir sheet is very colorful, as the stamp and the vignettes each have their particular color. The Darth Vader stamp is denominated at 5, whereas the vignettes have no denomination. The stamp can be found here in our catalogue, and at Correios Spain.

Bulgaria: The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Ella Fitzgerald:

In celebration of the 100th anniversary for the birth of Ella Fitzgerald, the Bulgarian postal service has issued this beautiful souvenir sheet. The stamp depicts Ella Fitzgerald singing, and the sheet contains two of the members of her band as well.

Ella Fitzgerald was a widely famous singer from USA, and has been referred to as The First Lady of Song. She stated out performing with the Chick Webb Orchestra, and in 1942 she left the band to pursue a solo career.

Though her solo career is what she became famous for, her collaborations with great singers from the time, have become true classics, such as "Dream a Little Dream of Me".

The sheet was issued on April 28th, and can be found in our catalogue here.

Nordfrim A/S - Stamps Worldwide

If you are looking to expand your stamp collection, you should give Nordfrim a look. They are one of the world's leading companies, when it comes to philately and philatelic accessories.

Nordfrim always have an enormous number of items in stock, and there is always something worth your time - anything else would also be highly unlikely, since they always have more than 13,000 items in stock!

Below, we have highlighted a few great offers from Nordfrim, which we encourage you to check out.

490 strips from Lighthouse/Leuchtturm - Only 70 EUR - Save 15 EUR

Here you get a great value deal. You get 490 strips from the top provider of philatelic accessories, Lighthouse. The strips are of varying sizes, and the specifics can be found, by following the link.

Black GRANDE Classic Ring Binder from Lighthouse - Only 14 EUR - Save 14 EUR!

This very popular item from Lighthouse comes with a slipcase as well, and can hold up to 60 sheets in it. The Binder is available at only 14 EUR, which is half the regular price! This version is black, but it is also available in a range of other colours. The details of this can be found, by following the link.

As mentioned, we have only highlighted a few of the offers from Nordfrim, and they have a very wide range of great offers available at their website. They often update their stock, so it is definitely worth checking out.

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