Stampworld News - Vote for Greenlandic Stamp of the year

January 2017

Dear Member,

This week, we bring you a great opportunity - vote for Greenlandic Stamp of the Year 2016, and win DKK 10,000!

POST Greenland issued 24 stamps last year, and they are leaving it up to you to decide, which one was the best of the year. You can read more about this below, where you can also go directly to the vote.

We also have a few good ideas for you, if you are looking for something to do, until the weather improves. We highlighted a few favorite items from Nordfrim, which could be helpful with this.

Lastly, we give an update on what we are currently working on at Stampworld.

We hope you will enjoy!


Vote for stamp of the year, and win DKK 10,000!

POST Greenland has three major stamp issues yearly, and in 2016 that resulted in 24 beautiful stamps with a variety of themes. You can find all the 2016 issues here.

Every year POST Greenland hosts a vote, to determine the most popular stamp of the previous year, and they want your help with this.

It can be hard to choose a favorite from such a diverse group of stamps, and your favorite might very well depend on your favorite theme of collection. We encourage you to check out the stamps of 2016, and pick your personal favorite. Whether you prefer People on Stamps, Royalty, Fauna, Nature, or something else, we are sure you will find these interesting.

By voting, you help to choose "Greenlandic Stamp of the Year". On top of this, you also participate in a prize draw, when you vote*. The winner receives a prize of DKK 10,000 - equivalent of more than USD 1,400! There will also be prizes for 10 runner-ups - a yearbook from a previous year, containing one mint edition of every stamp of the year.

You can vote here, where you can also find the terms of the competition.

Nordfrim A/S - Stamps Worldwide

Are you looking to expand your collection? Or Do you need something fun to do, until the weather improves? In that case, Nordfrim has got you covered.

Nordfrim has a very large stock of interesting items, and some of them can provide virtually endless hours of fun. We particularly enjoy the various stamp packs and boxes available, as you never quite know what you receive.

We have highlighted a few of our favorites here:

Box with interesting worldwide content - Only EUR 63 - Save EUR 63!

This box weighs more than 2 kgs, and contains philatelic material from all around the globe. It can contain everything ranging from Austrian souvenir sheets, over thematic stock cards, to year sets. It can have virtually anything, which is what makes it so interesting.

North Korea mint package - Only EUR 68!

This North Korean package contains more than 190 mint souvenir sheets, and almost 800 mint stamps. North Korean stamps are great, because they have a wide variety of themes, and they are all beautifully colored.

500 Canadian thematic stamps - Only EUR 12.75 - Save EUR 6.25!

This is a pack of commemorative Canadian stamps of various themes. This is great, whether you collect Canadian stamps, or thematic stamps. And at the price of just 4 cents per stamp, this is a great deal.

Apart from these, Nordfrim has a huge selection of stamps and packs on their website, and we encourage you to check it out. It should be odd, if there was nothing in their stock of 13,000 items that interests you.

Status at Stampworld

We currently have more than 175,000 members at Stampworld, and the number keeps growing every day. We are happy to welcome all our new members, and we look forward to sharing a host of new features over the coming year. Among the things we are working on, our favorites are clear - we look forward to opening the forum later this year, as it has been a work in progress for a very long time.

We are also looking forward to presenting an update to the catalogue, which will allow the sale and purchase of virtually any specialty item. This has been requested heavily over time, and we have finally found a solution. Keep up to date with the progress, by reading the periodic newsletters, where we will keep you posted.

Every day several thousand new items are added for sale on Stampworld, where we are already at more than 1.6 million stamps for sale. If you would like to know more about selling on Stampworld, you can find information about subscriptions here. You can also see some of the most frequent questions in the FAQ.

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