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ID 10.12.2023 Border Posts of Indonesia
VN 10.12.2023 Flowers - Orchid
RU 09.12.2023 Heroes of the Russian Federation
BR 08.12.2023 The 150th Anniversary of the Lacerda Elevator
EE 08.12.2023 The 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Olympic Committee
MD 08.12.2023 Children's Art
PL 08.12.2023 The 70th Anniversary of the Appeal of Jasna Gora
TW 08.12.2023 The 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
RS 07.12.2023 The 100th Anniversary of Basketball in Serbia
B3 07.12.2023 The 75th Anniversary of the ANIP Veselin Maslesa Folk Troupe
TR 07.12.2023 Extreme Sports
DZ 06.12.2023 The Genocide of Laghouat, December 4th, 1852
AM 06.12.2023 Christmas and New Year
NZ 06.12.2023 Chinese New Year 2024 - Towards the Year of the Dragon
RO 06.12.2023 Day of Giving
UA 06.12.2023 Saint Nicholas Day
IT 05.12.2023 The 100th Anniversary of the "Star of Merit for Work"
MN 05.12.2023 A Herd of Horses
SK 05.12.2023 Personalities - Jozef Balaz, 1923-2006
TH 05.12.2023 National Day
UY 05.12.2023 America UPAEP - Philately and Stamps
CN 03.12.2023 The Ancient City of Pingyao
BG 02.12.2023 The 130th Anniversary of Organized Philately in Bulgaria
AE 02.12.2023 The 52nd Union Day Stamps
BO 01.12.2023 The 20th Anniversary of the AXS Telecommunications Company
B2 01.12.2023 Christmas
MM 01.12.2023 The 44th Anniversary of the International Year of the Child
AT 01.12.2023 Christmas
SG 01.12.2023 Purple Parade - Inclusion for Disabled People
LK 01.12.2023 Christmas
KR 01.12.2023 Chinese New Year 2024 - Towards the Year of the Dragon
OM 30.11.2023 The 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Switzerland
PE 30.11.2023 The 250th Anniversary of the Customs Service of Peru
BY 30.11.2023 Birds of Belarus - Stringiformes
IQ 29.11.2023 The Iraqi National Day
MK 29.11.2023 Flora of North Macedonia
ES 29.11.2023 The 60th Anniversary of IOP/CIS
HU 29.11.2023 The 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Thailand
MY 28.11.2023 The 25th Anniversary of the Sultan of Trengganu
ME 28.11.2023 Maritime Wedding Between Montenegro and the Sea
HR 27.11.2023 Croatian Fine Arts
LT 24.11.2023 Christmas
WF 24.11.2023 Tauasu - Scene of Daily Life in Wallis and Futuna
BW 23.11.2023 Fauna - Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)
HK 23.11.2023 Development of Railway Service in Hong Kong
MO 23.11.2023 The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau
VA 23.11.2023 The 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with South Korea
LV 22.11.2023 Christmas - Cat
MT 21.11.2023 Christmas
MA 21.11.2023 The African Philatelic Conference, Rabat