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January 2017

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We hope that you have started the new year in good form.

In this newsletter, the first since we entered 2017, we present a very interesting new issue, which comes from Greenland. The issue, which comes out on January 23rd, covers a wide range of favorite themes, which you can see more about below.

We also look back at 2016, to see how far we have come during the past year.


New stamp issue from Greenland

On January 23rd, POST Greenland is presenting their new issues, and by doing so, they are kicking off their 2017 stamp program. The issues being released are seven stamps, split in to three main categories: Greenland during WWII, Sports in Greenland, and Greenlandic Music. Let's take a look at each of them separately.

Greenland during WWII: This issue is part of a series, which was introduced in October 2016, and which will conclude with the tenth and final stamp in the series in 2020, in time for the 75th celebration of the end of WWII.

The stamp, which is designed by Naja Rosing-Asvid, focuses on the production of cryolite, which was an important factor in the survival for Greenland during the war, as it became the primary source of income during this period.

The stamp consists of several layers. In the background, we see a photograph of the freight vessel "Hans Egede", which was used for transporting the cryolite from Greenland to North America. In the foreground, we see scenery which could be from the operations of the mine itself. This is drawn by hand, and represents the artist's personal expressions. To read more about the story behind the stamp, see here.

The stamp was engraved by the legendary Martin Mörck, and he will also be engraving the rest of the stamps in this ongoing series. The stamp has face value of DKK 36.50, and can be purchased directly here.

Sports in Greenland: This is the second part of a two-part series, showing various favorite sports in Greenland. This issue consists of three stamps, which each display one sport. The three sports depicted are dog-sled racing, the Kang-Nu race, and relay running.

Especially the first two are highly unique events, as the Kang-Nu race is held in the vicinity of Nuuk. The race is a 35-kilometer run, where competitors are ferried out to the starting point, and sent off back to Nuuk.

Dog-sled racing is very particular to the north, and is rarely seen outside of the Arctic.

The three stamps are designed by Miki Jacobsen, who has previously illustrated children's books, and has had his work exhibited all over the world since 1982. The three stamps are denominated at DKK 16, 19.50, and 22, respectively. You can see more about the issues, as well as purchase the items here.

Greenlandic Music: Music is a big part of history and culture, and hence, it seemed like a logical choice to dedicate an entire stamp series to music in Greenland. This issue starts the series, with three stamps, each depicting music from separate eras in time.

The first stamp features drum singing, which was an integral part of the native people of Greenland - Inuit.

Drum Singing has been around for a very long time, and is still performed to this day. The drums were used to invoke the spirits, as well as for conflict resolution.

When the missionaries came along in the 18th century, Drum signing was prohibited, as it was thought of as being shamanic and ungodly. As music was an integral part of life in Greenland, the Inuit inherited the type of music brought along by the missionaries - choral singing. The popularity of choral singing grow with the spread of Christianity in Greenland, and today almost all towns have their own choir. The second stamp in the series is based on this, and the stamp depicts a singing choir in traditional Greenlandic attire.

The third stamp in the series is based on a photo of the popular musician Louis Andreassen. He is famous for playing the accordion, which was introduced to Greenland by European Whalers. The whalers came to Greenland to hunt whales of the coast, and they spent their nights in the company of the locals. The whalers brought their accordions, and during their nights ashore, they introduced the polka to Greenland, which is still to this day popular there.

The entire series on Greenlandic Music is designed by Camilla Nielsen, who will also be designing the second part of the series. You can read the full story about the series here.

The stamps are denominated at DKK 1, 24.50, and 27, respectively, and can be purchased here.

All the stamps issued on January 23rd, and any specialty item can be found directly at POST Greenland.

How are we doing at Stampworld?

A lot has happened over the past year, both in the world in general, and at Stampworld. Since January 2016, we have welcomed more than 55,000 new members to Stampworld, making the total number of members 175,000 at the moment. There is no sign of this slowing down, and we hope to welcome another 100,000 members during 2017.

On number of items for sale, we have also improved significantly. We now have more than 1.5 million stamps for sale in the catalogue, which is more than double the number available in January 2016. With the addition of a specialty items in the catalogue planned for 2017, we expect the number of items for sale to increase dramatically in 2017 as well. If you would like to sell at Stampworld, you can find information here, where you can also upgrade your account.

In 2017, we are also planning of some great improvements. One of our top priorities for this year will be to open the forum, which is in the very final stages of preparations. Much more information about recent and upcoming improvements will be available shortly, and we encourage you to keep an eye out for the newsletters this year!

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