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KR 21/09/2023 Philately Week - Street Food
ES 21/09/2023 Inclusion of People with Down Syndrome
GB 21/09/2023 Dame Shirley Bassey
HK 21/09/2023 Hong Kong Vegetables
IE 21/09/2023 Cancer Awareness - Research and Care
RO 21/09/2023 National Stamp Exhibition "TIMFILEX 2023"
AT 20/09/2023 The 150th Anniversary of the First Viennese Mountain Spring Water Supply Line
IT 20/09/2023 The 100th Anniversary of the Transfer of the Remains of Lt. Andrea Bafile to the Military Shrine of Guardiagrele
MK 20/09/2023 Personalities - Nikola Martinoski, 1903-1973
RU 20/09/2023 Zaporozhye Region
AM 19/09/2023 The 8th Pan-American Summer Games
AU 19/09/2023 In Memoriam - Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022
US 19/09/2023 Snow Globes
CC 19/09/2023 Birds - Water Hens
RS 19/09/2023 The 115th Anniverssary of Diplomatic Relations with Egypt
HR 18/09/2023 Intergenerational Solidarity
FR 18/09/2023 The 125th Anniversary of Maison Berger, Paris
PT 18/09/2023 The 150th Anniversary of the Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisbosa
WF 18/09/2023 The 50th Anniversary of the Death of Monsignor Poncet, -1973
PL 17/09/2023 The 30th Anniversary of the Withdrawal of Soviet Troops from Poland
A2 16/09/2023 The 200th Anniversary of Rugby XV
MY 16/09/2023 Malaysia Day
BY 15/09/2023 The 400th Anniversary of the Holy Epiphany Kutein Male Monastery - Orsha
NC 15/09/2023 Personalities - Jean Leques, 1931-2022
UY 15/09/2023 Democracy Day - Forever Democracy
AD 14/09/2023 Personalities - Alex Lliteras, 1961-2020
EE 14/09/2023 The 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Orthodox Church
LV 14/09/2023 Legends of Latvian Sports
MT 14/09/2023 The 300th Anniversary of the Founding of Fort Manoel
UA 14/09/2023 Cities of Heroes - Kharkivshyn
PK 13/09/2023 The 75th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Turkiye
AL 12/09/2023 The 100th Anniversary of the Albaian Orthodox Church Autocephaly
BG 12/09/2023 The 30th Anniversary of PostEurop
LU 12/09/2023 SEPAC Issue - Veiner Nessmoort
CN 09/09/2023 Kites
KP 09/09/2023 The 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Democratic People's Republic
SK 08/09/2023 The Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2023
XM 08/09/2023 Fauna - Endemic Species of Medira
MC 08/09/2023 Rainer III - The Cpnstitution of 1962
XG 08/09/2023 World Heritage - Türkiye
X2 08/09/2023 World Heritage - Türkiye
X3 08/09/2023 World Heritage - Türkiye
DE 07/09/2023 Fauna - The Squirrel
ZC 07/09/2023 The Coronation of King Charles III
BS 07/09/2023 The Coronation of King Charles III
GS 07/09/2023 The Coronation of King Charles III
GR 07/09/2023 Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission
MO 07/09/2023 The 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative
CH 07/09/2023 The 75th Anniversary of VFO
WA 07/09/2023 The Coronation of King Charles III