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MX 11.12.2019 Day of the Postal Worker
MY 04.12.2019 Traditional Craftwork
BY 03.12.2019 Folk Tales - Joint Issue with Azerbaijan
LU 03.12.2019 World War II - The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Ardennes
03.12.2019 Folk Tales - Joint Issue with Azerbaijan
IT 02.12.2019 Christmas
KG 02.12.2019 Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat
CO 29.11.2019 The 25th Anniversary of CCIT - Colombian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication
IN 29.11.2019 Chota Char Dham of Uttrakhand
KZ 29.11.2019 Animated Films of Kazakhstan
MT 29.11.2019 Christmas
AT 29.11.2019 Christmas - The 70th Anniversary of Christkindl Post Office
HR 28.11.2019 The 100th Anniversary of Zagreb Technical High School
MC 28.11.2019 Paintings - "Bather Arranging Her Hair" - Renoir, 1841-1919
CZ 27.11.2019 "Touch of Fate II" - Ladislav Saloun, 1870-1946
MD 26.11.2019 Paintings from the Heritage of the National Fine Arts of Moldova
GB 26.11.2019 Star Wars - The Rise of the Skywalker
GR 25.11.2019 Christmas
BG 22.11.2019 Christmas
JE 20.11.2019 Christmas - A Children's Nativity Play
KV 20.11.2019 Universal Children's Day
CA 14.11.2019 Hanukkah
CY 14.11.2019 Christmas
LI 14.11.2019 Diversity - Joint Issue with Switzerland
A2 12.11.2019 The 25th Anniversary of Andorra in the Council of Europe
GI 12.11.2019 Nature Reserves - Joint Issue with Romania
AY 11.11.2019 Armistice Day - The 100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day
AD 08.11.2019 The 25th Anniversary of Andorra in the Council of Europe
ES 07.11.2019 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage - Silbo Gomero
EG 06.11.2019 The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948
UA 06.11.2019 Mosaic of Michael the Archangel - Kiev, Ukraine
ID 05.11.2019 Flora of Indonesia
B3 05.11.2019 Cultural Heritage
BR 04.11.2019 Women Who Made History - Maria da Penha
DE 02.11.2019 Flowers
AU 01.11.2019 Christmas
AW 31.10.2019 Birds and Feathers
BD 31.10.2019 First Computer Programmer of Bangladesh - Md. Hanifuddin Miah, 1929-2007
IS 31.10.2019 Paintings - Icelandic Art
PT 31.10.2019 The 200th Anniversary of the First Unabridged Edition of the Almeida Bible
GG 30.10.2019 Christmas
US 25.10.2019 Holiday Wreaths
AX 24.10.2019 Christmas
JP 23.10.2019 Gifts from the Forest
UZ 23.10.2019 The Tale of Zumrad and Kimmat
CF 21.10.2019 Fauna - Turtles
GL 21.10.2019 The Greenland Environment - Plastic Pollution
IQ 21.10.2019 The 145th Anniversary of U.P.U. - Universal Postal Union
MN 21.10.2019
EE 19.10.2019 The 150th Anniversary of St. Peter's Congregation in Tartu