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CN 19-9-2020 Modern Chinese Scientists
AT 19-9-2020 Wine Regions of Austria - South Burgenland Uhudler
BY 18-9-2020 Outstanding Personalities of Belarus - Aphanasiy of Brest
PL 18-9-2020 The 400th Anniversary of the Battle of Cecora
SK 18-9-2020 The 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of St. Adalbert's Society in Trnava
AM 17-9-2020 Saint Gregory Church the Illuminator in Singapore
HK 17-9-2020 Hong Kong International Legal Hub
LB 17-9-2020 The 1st Anniversary of the Death of Michel Edde, 1928-2019
NO 17-9-2020 Science, Technology and Innovation
ES 17-9-2020 Elm Trees of Our Lady of Belen, Cabeza de Buey
US 17-9-2020 The 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor
DK 16-9-2020 Consider What You Write
RU 16-9-2020 The 100th Anniversary of the Exodus of the Russian Army and the End of the Civil War in the European Part of Russia
LU 15-9-2020 The 700th Anniversary of the Death of Peter of Aspelt, 1240-1320
RO 15-9-2020 The Uniforms of Royalty - The Queens of Romania
B3 15-9-2020 Flowers
GL 14-9-2020 EUROPA Stamps - Ancient Postal Routes
IT 14-9-2020 Excellence in the Productive and Economic System - The 160th Anniversary of the Foundation of Di Campari
MC 14-9-2020 Inauguration of the New Place du Casino
NL 14-9-2020 Experience Nature - Forest and Heather Birds
UA 12-9-2020 Ukrainian Alphabet
SG 12-9-2020 The 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II
EE 11-9-2020 Fauna - The Black Rat
FR 11-9-2020 The 75th Anniversary of UNESCO
RS 11-9-2020 The 70th Anniversry of the Founding of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering at the University of Belgrade
XG 11-9-2020 World Heritage - Russian Federation
X3 11-9-2020 World Heritage - Russian Federation
X2 11-9-2020 World Heritage - Russian Federation
CA 10-9-2020 Medical Pioneers
XB 10-9-2020 EUROPA Stamps - Ancient Postal Routes
MO 10-9-2020 The 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Educators' Association of Macau
VA 10-9-2020 The 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Ivory Coast
HR 9-9-2020 Day of the Stamp - Croatian Post Crypto
CZ 9-9-2020 Songbirds in our Neighborhood
BR 8-9-2020 Views of Olinda-Recife and Tel Aviv-Jaffa - Joint Issue with Israel
IL 8-9-2020 Festivals - Modern Jewish Art - Mandalas
JE 8-9-2020 The 100th Anniversary of the Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club
AD 8-9-2020 Landscapes - The 25th Anniversary Since the Launch of Bilateral Relations with Liechtenstein
TR 8-9-2020 The Planets
FK 7-9-2020 The 50th Anniversary of Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group
LI 7-9-2020 Princely Treasures - Hunting Scenes of Rubens
AX 4-9-2020 The Four Seasons
KR 4-9-2020 Traditional Men's Clothing
DE 3-9-2020 The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Lore Loretz, 1920-1994
GB 3-9-2020 Rupert Bear
UY 3-9-2020 UPAEP - Architecture
CH 3-9-2020 UCI Road World Championships
BG 2-9-2020 Great Explorers - Vitus Jonassen Bering, 1681-1741
NZ 2-9-2020 Te Wiki o te Reo Maori - Maori Language Week
SR 2-9-2020 UPAEP - Architecture