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SK 12/02/2022 Day of the Stamp - Historical Mail Wagon
IT 12/01/2022 The 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the Banca Mediolanum - Ennio Doris, 1940-2021
B2 12/01/2022 Christmas and New Year
MO 12/01/2022 The Eighteen Arhats
RO 12/01/2022 The Great Union in Numismatics
KR 12/01/2022 New Year Greetings
AM 11/30/2022 The 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Hovhannes Baghramyan, 1897-1982
RU 11/30/2022 Sports - Chess
HR 11/29/2022 Modern Architecture and Design
MT 11/29/2022 Christmas - Santa's Workshop
RS 11/29/2022 The 75th Anniversary of the Statehood of the Republic of India
UY 11/29/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the "Charrua" Batallion of Combat Engineers No. 3
ME 11/28/2022 The Rumija Yacht
PL 11/28/2022 Marshals of the Senate of the Second Republic of Poland
KV 11/26/2022 Perosnalities - Rita Ora
BS 11/25/2022 Christmas - Junkanoo
BG 11/25/2022 The 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Asparuh Leshnikov, 1897-1978
IN 11/25/2022 The 175th Anniversary of the Indian Institute of Technology
LT 11/25/2022 Christmas
KP 11/25/2022 Demonstration of Actual Warfare Capabilities of the Nuclear Warfare Force
AT 11/25/2022 Christmas - The Gingerbread Man
TF 11/24/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Disappearance of Prince Albert of Monaco
MA 11/24/2022 The 120th Anniversary of the Makhzan Post Office
MC 11/24/2022 The 10th Anniversary of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation
GB 11/24/2022 Tutankhamun
PK 11/23/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Ida Rieu School for the Blind and Deaf, Karachi
BD 11/22/2022 FIFA Football World Cup - Qatar
BR 11/22/2022 Vaccines Save Lives
AE 11/22/2022 Dubai International Holy Quran Award
GR 11/22/2022 Campaign Against Child Abuse
UA 11/22/2022 EUROPA Stamps - Stories and Myths
VN 11/22/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, 1922-2008
FR 11/21/2022 The 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Jean-Baptiste "Moliere" Poquelin, 1622-1673
MK 11/21/2022 FIFA Football World Cup - Qatar
TN 11/19/2022 The 18th Francophonie Summit, Djerba
XG 11/18/2022 UN Crypto
X2 11/18/2022 UN Crypto
X3 11/18/2022 UN Crypto
CY 11/18/2022 FIFA Football World Cup - Qatar
MM 11/18/2022 Endemic Bird Specie
OM 11/18/2022 The 52nd National Day
EE 11/17/2022 Art from the Treasury of the Estonian Art Museum
IE 11/17/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Death of Erskine Childers, 1870-1922
LB 11/17/2022 Personalities - Michel Chiha, 1891-1954
AY 11/16/2022 Christmas - Panto 2022 - Robin Hood
GG 11/16/2022 Christmas - Panto 2022 - Sleeping Beauty
NC 11/16/2022 Christmas
SY 11/16/2022 The 52nd Anniversary of the Corrective Movement
CN 11/15/2022 Chinese New Year 2023 - Towards the Year of the Rabbit
SG 11/15/2022 The 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Bangladesh - Joint Issue with Bangladesh