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NL 15.08.2022 Typically Dutch - Football
VN 15.08.2022 Vietnam's Waterfalls
CN 13.08.2022 Qin Opera
LT 13.08.2022 Tree Cake
IT 13.08.2022 The Renon Train, Since 1907
KR 12.08.2022 Foreign Advocates for Korean Independence
MT 12.08.2022 Maltese Festa - Bormla Statue of Immaculate Conception
MD 12.08.2022 Cactus Flowers
US 12.08.2022 Elephants
IQ 10.08.2022 The 25th Anniversary of the Death of Al-Jawahiri, 1899-1997
MY 10.08.2022 Traditional Men's Headgear
RU 10.08.2022 The 50th Anniversary of the I. Levitan Memorial House-Museum
QU 09.08.2022 The 75th Anniversary of the Australian Antarctic Program
RO 09.08.2022 Fauna - Horse Breeds
TR 09.08.2022 The 15th Islamaic Solidarity Games - Konya
GL 08.08.2022 The 250th Anniversary of the Town Upernavik
SG 08.08.2022 Building a Green and Resilient Singapore
A2 06.08.2022 Joana Call, Executed for Witchcraft in 1471
JM 06.08.2022 The 60th Anniversary of Independence
PM 06.08.2022 Personalities - Anita Conti, 1899-1997
FK 05.08.2022 Stanley - Jubilee City
SK 05.08.2022 The 100th Anniversary of the National Firefighters' Union of Slovakia
DE 04.08.2022 World of Letters
TW 03.08.2022 Ancient Chinese Paintings from the National Palace Museum
AU 02.08.2022 Insects - Cicadas
IN 02.08.2022 The 75th Anniversary of the National Flag of India
JE 02.08.2022 Scientific Achievements
RS 02.08.2022 Dragan Džajić - Brand for the Whole World
BR 01.08.2022 The 100th Anniversary of the First Flight Across the South Atlantic
PT 01.08.2022 World Youth Day - Lisbon
GR 30.07.2022 World Friendship Day
AM 29.07.2022 Children's Philately - Armenian Cartoons
KV 29.07.2022 Marine Life - Fishes
ES 29.07.2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing
WF 29.07.2022 The Legend of Mohukele
BY 28.07.2022 Professions - Salesperson
KZ 28.07.2022 Abu al-Khayr Muhammad Kahn, 1693-1748
LV 28.07.2022 The 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with the United States
IM 28.07.2022 The Creative Network Artist Collective
TH 28.07.2022 The 70th Anniversary of the Birth of King Vajiralongkorn
UA 28.07.2022 Ukrainian Tractor Towing Destroyed Russian Tank
GB 28.07.2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham
HR 27.07.2022 BIRDPEX - Protected Bird Species
PL 27.07.2022 Polish Regional Products - Obwarzanek Krakowski
FR 25.07.2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Death of Marcel Proust, 1871-1922
NC 25.07.2022 Cape N'Dua Lighthouse
PK 25.07.2022 The 100th Anniversary of Attock Oil Refinery
EG 23.07.2022 The 70th Anniversary of the July 23 Revolution
AD 22.07.2022 Plate of Braus d' Escaldes
NA 22.07.2022 Flowers - Sandhof Lily of Namibia