Guide on How to Sell Stamps in StampWorld

Guide on How to Sell Stamps in StampWorld

Before we proceed to the guide on how to sell stamps in StampWorld, please be informed that StampWorld DOES NOT buy or sell stamps. It is StampWorld members transacting (buy and/or sell stamps) with each other.

This means that whatever stamps you see for sale in the StampWorld catalogue, it is being put up by other StampWorld users.

In order for you to be able to successfully sell stamps in StampWorld, you need to:

1. First upgrade your account to "Seller". You can do this by clicking My Profile > Account Info > Change Account Level.

You can watch the video "Upgrade Account".

2. Get familiarized on how to search for stamps and the meaning of the symbols in the catalogue. Please watch first the videos named "Catalogue" and "Search Stamps" so that you will be able to know how to search for stamps as well as read and understand the symbols used in the StampWorld catalogue. Click here to watch StampWorld video tutorials.

3. Complete your StampWorld Profile account.

You can watch the video "My Profile".

After that, set up your Sales Settings.

Go to "My Profile", click "Settings" and select "Sales Settings".

In the next screen, you must select which currency you would like to use when selling your stamps.

You can also select which currency you would like to receive your payment as well.

You can choose up to 3 different shipping prices -- one each for Great Britain, Europe, and the rest of the World. Also, you can charge an extra price for each additional stamp which will be included in the same shipment.

You can receive payment in 3 methods: Paypal, Skrill, or Bank Wire Transfer (IBAN).

In the text field, you can write additional information you would like your buyers to know.

Click Save.

Part I: How to Put Up Your Stamps for Sale in StampWorld

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sell stamps in

  • 1. Click "Sell Stamps" in the main menu.

You will be brought to the Sell Stamps page, where you get to decide which category to sell: single stamps or sets, collections, or letters and FDCs.

Sell Stamps

  • 2. If you are going to sell a single stamp, click "Sell Single Stamps or Sets".

You will be then taken to the online catalogue map.

  • 3. Select the country of the stamp that you would like to sell.

For example, if you click Great Britain, you will be taken to the catalogue showing stamps of Great Britain.

  • 4. If you are going to sell a single Penny Black stamp (for instance), click on the orange button "Sell" (which can be found at the rightmost area just beneath the stamp you are going to sell).

A pop-up window will now open with more information about the stamp you are interested to sell.

Select the quality, your desired price, and which currency will be used on your desired price.

On the "Add Notes" box, you can write some notes that your buyer needs to know.

It is important to upload a picture of your stamp for sale. You can do so by clicking on the left area of the pop-up window.

Click Save.

  • 5. You can view your For Sale Stamps by clicking "My Profile", "My Stamps for Sale", and choose the tab "My Sales List".

In here, you can view the list of all your stamps for sale.

You can edit or delete them.

Just repeat the same steps when putting up more stamps you would like to sell.

When you are finished, you can log out and wait for an interested buyer to show their interest in buying your stamps.

Part II: What Happens When a Buyer Wants to Buy Your Stamps for Sale?

When someone is interested in buying your stamp for sale, he/she will click Buy. You will be notified on your user account. Also, an email notification from StampWorld will automatically be sent to you, informing that someone is interested to buy stamps from you.

  • 1. Log in to StampWorld.

On the upper right hand corner, you will see an orange box. Click the blue button "Go to Sell Stamps".

Another way to go there is to click "My Profile", "My Stamps for Sale", and click the tab "Pending Sales".

You will then see some basic information about the buyer: the Flag shows where the buyer is located; you can click the username to view his/her full profile; and the Letter/Envelope icon allows you to send the buyer a direct message.

You will also see some basic information about the stamp you put up for sale. In the "Status" box, the stamp has been purchased. Next to it, you will see the price and below it you will see the price plus the shipping fees.

Lastly, you will see the Item ID. Click on this and a pop-up will appear. In here, you will see some basic information about the stamp and a timeline of transactions regarding the buying and selling of that stamp. Simply click on the Red X on the top right to close the pop-up window.

For every transaction, you can choose to Deny or Approve the sale.

For example, click "Approve Sale". The Sale will be approved. Click "Okay".

  • 2. When you have received the payment from the buyer, you must go to the tab called "Awaiting Payment".

In the "Awaiting Payment" tab, click on the blue "Payment Received" button. Click "Okay".

  • 3. After successfully sending the stamp to the buyer, go to your "My Profile" page.

Click "My Stamps for Sale", then on the blue tabs on top of the page, click the tab "Payment Received". In here, you should click the blue button "Item(s) Sent". Click "Okay".

The stamp you just sent to the buyer will then be moved to the "Sent Items" tab next.

  • 4. Last but not least, it is courtesy that you rate the buyer regarding the whole transaction. You can find the "Rate Buyer" button on the rightmost area of the "Sent Items" tab.

Congratulations! You have made a sale. Wishing you more sales to come!

Very Useful Tips about Selling Stamps in StampWorld:

  • Just in case you have not yet received the payment from the buyer, you can use the Letter/Envelope icon to send him/her a message. You can write a message to the buyer if they have not responded within 5 to 10 days. If they haven't responded within 10 days, you can mark the payment as "Not Received" (the orange button just above the blue Payment Received button). If you have clicked on "Not Received", the transaction will be cancelled, and the stamp will then be marked for sale again so other interested users can buy it.
  • Skrill, Paypal and IBAN (bank wire transfer) are accepted modes of payment to most sellers. Please check the FAQ page for more in-depth information about selling stamps. Click here to go to the FAQ page.

As of the moment, credit card payments are not accepted when paying for stamps.

To get a free Skrill account, Click here.

To get a free Paypal account, Click here.

  • The following are the catalogue symbols you will encounter when selling stamps in the StampWorld catalogue:

Catalogue symbols

In the sample image above, you will see that the total number of (Penny Black) stamps issued is 68,158,080 pieces. As for the rest of the symbols, the numbers below them represent how much the stamp is depending on their condition (and the seller's asking price). You will see that there is a "Used" stamp available for sale, which costs 150 Euro.

  • You can encourage buyers to order more stamps from you when you offer discounts on shipping fees. Most sellers in StampWorld allow combined shipping, or you can have the buyer pay only for the first stamp's shipping fee and their second/third/fourth stamp purchases will not be charged any extra shipping fees. Take note that this has to be a single transaction only. It is entirely up to you, as the seller, to decide how much you would like to charge for the shipping costs, especially if the buyer wants to buy multiple stamps from you. Remember that when your buyers are seeing that they are getting a good deal, they would definitely buy from you and it is likely possible they could become your regular customers.
  • For a visual demonstration on how to sell stamps in StampWorld, please check out the StampWorld videos which can be found at the lower left of the home page. They are entitled "Sell Stamps (1/2)" and "Sell Stamps (2/2)". You can also click on the links below to directly view the videos.

Part I: How to Put Up Your Stamps for Sale in StampWorld

Part II: What Happens When a Buyer Wants to Buy Your Stamps for Sale?