Terms and Conditions

1. General.
Email: support@stampworld.com

1.1 Existing conditions of use regulates the relationship between:
Stampworld, Denmark, and the members of Stampworld.com.
The aim is to make Stampworld.com a trusted place for its members.

1.2 Definitions
Under the present conditions the Stampworld.com website in general, hereafter things are now defined as:

1.2.1 Stampworld.com;
Stampworld ApS is a company registered in Denmark, located at Birk Centerpark 40, 7400 Herning, Denmark, with company registration number 40523294, providing services via Stampworld.com.

1.2.2 Account
Accounts names chosen by the members during their registration. An account brings together all the information given by a member also the information on the member's activity on the website.

1.2.3 Stampworld.com Moderators
All volunteer members who help Stampworld.com to enforce the site conditions.

1.2.4 User
Any person, member or not, who enters the Stampworld.com via the Internet is a user.

1.2.5 Member
Any person or unit who is registered on the website and has a username and a password.

1.2.6 Action
Any activity that changes content on the website (ex: Upload, list, placing an offer, ask questions, reply, send message on the forum.)

1.2.7 Sales

Putting an object for sale on Stampworld.com.

1.2.8 Place offers
Contact the seller regarding purchase.

2. Payment, Warranty, Compensation

2.1 Guarantee of Service

Stampworld.com cannot be held responsible for any interruptions in its services and its consequences during the repairs, maintenance or updates of the website by Stampworld.com or a third party.

2.2 Compensation

Stampworld.com cannot be held responsible for any loss of money regarding payment or:
- Damaged items that are lost or stolen during the transaction
- Erroneous descriptions;
- Difficulties or no access to the site and its service
- Software, hardware or human error
- Changes of one or more services

2.3 Subscriptions Fees
Members do have the option to subscribe to services on Stampworld.com to get extended benefits. See Stampworld.com rates under subscription on the website.

All subscriptions are consecutive, and will run until the subscription is cancelled on the website, or via email. At the end of the subscription period, the subscription is automatically renewed for a period identical to the original subscription period.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at all times, and will downgrade at the end of the current subscription cycle. Cancellations must be made through the cancellation form on the website, or via email.

2.3.1 Seller Fee
Stampworld charges a Seller Fee of 5% of annual sales amounting to more than $1,000. We do not charge a fee for the first $1,000 of sales in a given year. The fee is applied to all additional sales in the period. The Seller Fee is invoiced quarterly, if the invoiced amount exceeds $20. If the amount is below $20 for the period, the fee rolls over to the next quarter. Regardless of the amount owed, at least one invoice will be issued in each calendar year, if sales have surpassed $1,000 during the period. Sellers will be able to keep track of their yearly sales on their profiles.

Seller Fee will be calculated based on the calender year, and will reset on January 1st. The Seller Fee is implemented on January 1st 2019.

Failure to pay the invoice on time will result in a temporary suspension of the Seller account. The due date for invoices is 30 days after the invoice is issued. Any attempts to circumvent the Seller Fee will result in permanent suspension from the site.

2.3.2 Payment
Stampworld ApS accepts payment through all major credit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, among others), as well as through PayPal. The payment will not be withdrawn from your account, until the order is shipped.

All prices are displayed in USD, and include VAT.

Stampworld ApS uses an authorized payment server, which encrypts all your payment information using the SSL protocol. This means that your payment information cannot be intercepted.

Payments to Stampworld ApS will appear as STAMPWORLD on your bank statement.

2.4 Stampworld.com Return Policy for Online Subscription
Stampworld.com does not accept returns for online service subscription.
The subscription will run to the end of the current billing cycle. The subscription will not be refunded.

If you have a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription, you may cancel it at anytime by logging into StampWorld.com clicking on My Profile, clicking on Account Info, and clicking CANCEL. Pre-paid subscriptions cannot be canceled.

2.5 Warranty
As per Danish legislation, we provide a two-year warranty on all items purchased on Stampworld.com. The warranty covers errors in production or material. The warranty does not cover wrongful use of the product or service.

2.6 Cancellation
Stampworld offers 14 day cancellation right on all physical products purchased at Stampworld.com. Cancellation is not available for digital goods, which are delivered instantly at the point of sale.

2.7 Complaint options
If you have a complaint for an item purchased in our webshop, you can send the complaint to:

Konkurrence- og forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby
Link: www.forbrug.dk

If you are based in a country in the EU, you can file your complaint with the Commisions online complaint platform, which can be found at: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

If you file a complaint, you must mention our email address: support@stampworld.com.

3. StampWorld.com account

3.1. Create an account

Creating an account at StampWorld.com is free and requires acceptance of present conditions. Creating an account automatically implies registration for services offered by StampWorld.com.

To open an account, the user must provide an e-mail address and choose a username and password. The user can freely choose whether he or she will provide any further personal information. However, the user commits itself to provide complete, accurate and honest information. Any member who has registered will receive Newsletters sent by StampWorld.com. These may be deregistered in the account settings.

3.2 Choice of username
Members can choose any username they want although Stampworld.com takes certain reservations.

Username must not be misleading, offensive or indicate competition for Stampworld.com.

Do not refers to ideologies or thoughts that lead to violence, discrimination and racial hatred.

Do not refer to a registered trademark.

Stampworld.com is entitled to refuse / cancel any username without having to inform or justify why.

3.3 Account Use
Members are responsible for what happens to their account. Therefore it is advisable to keep passwords secret.

3.4 Account Suspension and Closing
A member can have his account closed:
-By sending an email to info@Stampworld.com
A member can have their accounts suspended or closed:
-If the account holder does not respect the conditions, or if:
- The member has died.
- The member does not respond to repeated inquiries from Stampworld.com.
- The member's negative feedbacks are very high.
- The member does not behave properly.
- The member fails to respect the present conditions of other reasons. There will be an email sent to members whose account is terminated or suspended.

4. If you want to sell on Stampworld.com

4.1 Rules

Stampworld.com does not allow the sale of goods of a suspicious character. If there is suspicion of anything illegal, we will contact the police immediately, being available with all the information we have.

If a member sees an illegal item being sold on the site, please contact Stampworld.com immediately.

4.2 Price
The seller commits to advertise with a fair price for stamps he or she sells. Too high a price compared to market prices would harm Stampworld.com.

Stampworld.com reserves the right to close the sale if it is not in accordance with these regulations.

4.3. Description
The description of the stamp must be complete and ready. The condition must be described in the most detailed manner, and not in any misleading ways. The image displayed has to give visitors the opportunity to assess their quality. It is illegal to use images that do not correspond to the goods which are for sale. It is illegal to make copies of images found on Stampworld.com to use them for new sales.

4.4 Sales
The seller is obliged to respond within a reasonable time to questions from prospective buyers about the stamp, and its condition.

4.5 Completion of the sale
When a user presses the purchase button, the user will be associated with the seller and Stampworld.com has no more to do with the sale. If the sale has been affected, both users should give the other party a "rating" for service in the recently made trade. This rating may benefit future buyers and sellers.

5. If you want to buy at Stampworld.com
Any member who is registered on the website can place offers on items that are for sale.

6. The official time zone
Stampworld.com uses the following time zone:
The official time zone followed is Copenhagen time zone (GMT +1).

7. The Ratio on the site
Stampworld.com wants to be a friendly, open and secure website.
For this reason, requires all members to respect Stampworld.com and all members and persons providing services to Stampworld.com.
The following are considered as a lack of respect:
-Any insult, threat, aggression or mockery.
-All attempts to destroy another member's reputation.
-Any fraud or attempted fraud.
Any violation gives Stampworld.com right to take action against the offender as prescribed in the present conditions.

8. Communication

8.1. Stampworld.com internal mail

Stampworld.com offers its paying users an internal mail service, which enables them to communicate with each other. Messages sent or received via this service is available from the member's account and a copy of each message sent to the recipient's e-mail address.

Messages that are exchanged between members or between members and Stampworld.com are private and confidential messages. Only receiver and the sender are authorized to read the content.

Stampworld.com can read these messages exchanged between members in order to ensure the present conditions are met. Stampworld.com is required to keep the contents secret, and to delete copy of the notice, unless there is a breach of the present conditions.

Messages sent via internal mail is subject to the same guidelines as paragraph 7

8.2. Public communication
Public communication is subject to the same rules as in paragraph 7
Users can choose to do certain things visible in their profile, beyond the things that are displayed default. Users are responsible not to show anything, which can harm themselves or others.

8.3. Forum
Stampworld.com has a forum that the users can use. Users are here subject to the same requirements as in paragraph 7. Besides, there must not be advertised in the forum, unless this is agreed with Stampworld.com

8.4 Pictures
Users can upload images on Stampworld.com. They commit not to display any images, that they are not allowed to use, or images that are not ethically correct. Each user is responsible for the images he or she uploads to the site. Stampworld.com has the authority to ask users to remove images. If this is not being complied with, Stampworld.com will remove the pictures themselves and take the necessary precautions to the user.

9. Rating Program

9.1. Definition

Stampworld.com has a rating system that allows buyers and sellers to make feedback on the other person, who will be visible and for the benefit of other users on the site.

Any transaction between users when it is consummated or cancelled, give each member the opportunity to leave a comment with a positive or negative rating.Stampworld.com calculates a rating relative to what type of feedback each user gets. Users can change their comments and ratings.

Stampworld.com does not edit ratings, and is therefore not responsible for how they are displayed. It is up to each individual user to maintain positive ratings. However, you can if you feel mistreated, contact Stampworld.com, we will check whether the user that has given the bad feedback, has made any "other" strange behavior.

9.2 Abuse
Abusing the rating system will lead to immediate expulsion or suspension from the website, and Stampworld.com has the exclusive rights to decide the rules about this.

Stampworld.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user's account if the user has received too many negative feedbacks.

10. Advertisements
Advertisements are not allowed without prior agreement with Stampworld.com. Text links and URL are permissible if it refers to a non profit site, and if it is not in the nature of spam or advertising.

11. Conflicts
Stampworld.com is not a part of a conflict that would come between two users. So far Stampworld.com are unable to attend, or help to find out what is right and wrong, the administrator will do what is possible, but is not obligated to participate in a dispute.

12. Property and Copyright
All text offered by the website is owned by its author.
The website must not contain text that is copyrighted, or contain advertising not related Stampworld.com.

13. Personal information
European Parliament and Council Directive 95/46/EC of October 24th 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data http://eurlex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:31995L0046:da:HTML

14. Data

14.1. Users personal data

Registration provides members with certain personal information. Some are mandatory in order to gain access to Stampworld.com s services.
The data required are:
E-mail address.
Users can ask Stampworld.com to release their personal information, if they request by letter.

14.2 Data automatically collected
When you use the website, some data is collected automatically by Stampworld.com servers
IP address
Internet provider
This data is stored in our database for 2 years.

14.3 Cookie
Stampworld.com places a cookie on the users machine, so they dont have to login every time they visit the website.

14.4 Safety
Stampworld.com undertakes to protect any personal data.

14.5 Sharing
It is forbidden to use Stampworld.com to collect personal information displayed on the website.
All users accept by registration, that any Stampworld.com user can see feedback from other members.

15. Liability
Stampworld cannot be held accountable for, and is not liabile for any loss incurred by members or customers, as a result of issues caused by software or hardware malfunction, by temporary unavailability of the service provided, or by similar events. This is true for direct monetary loss, loss in brand awareness, loss of public perception, or any similar loss.

16. Law

These conditions are governed by the laws of Denmark, where Stampworld ApS is located.

16.1 Court
All disputes or complaints will be submitted to the court in Denmark. Stampworld ApS reserves the right to refer any dispute to the country where the user comes from.