Help Us

As is partly based on help and content from our users, we hope that you would consider helping us out, so we can create an even better user experience for all our members. Below you can see, in which ways you can assist us::

If you enjoy using Stampworld and want to offer your support, we would like to offer you a Volunteer's Badge in return. The badge will be shown on your profile page, as well as next to your username in profile searches.

1. Country specific help:

Assist us with some or all of the following:

- Correct various errors you might find in your local language.
- Assist with translations from English to your local language.
- Inform us about local events (auctions, exhibitions etc) in your country.
- Collect information on stampclubs and organizations in your country.

At this time we are only "offering" unpaid work, which can be handled by one or more members from each country, so we would greatly appreciate any help we can get, regardless of how much time/help you are able to offer us.

Click here to contact us, if you believe you can help with any of the above.

2. New releases

We try very hard to always be up to date with new releases (for all countries), but would really appreciate if you can let us know, should we have missed a new release in your country. If you notice new releases missing:

Click here to inform us about them!

3. Missing pictures

We almost have pictures of every stamp in the world.... almost, so if you find stamps in our catalogue with missing pictures, you are more than welcome to upload a good picture/scan of that stamp. You can upload pictures to each stamp, while you are within the catalogue.

Also should you find a picture that is wrong or has bad quality, and you have one that is better, feel free to send us that as well.

Click here to send us a better picture!

4. Missing information

If you have information about a stamp, and we do not have that information, you can add it by clicking the "(i)" (info button) in the catalogue on the specific stamp. This applies to any ordinary information, as well as information about engraving, sizes etc. However also more specific information such as history and articles about a particular stamp.

5. Missing variants

If you know of any variants of a stamp, which we do not have registered on StampWorld, then you can add that variant, by clicking the "(i)" (info button) in the catalogue next to each stamp. As it is impossible for us to have each and every variant of all stamps included (at least initially), we greatly appreciate any help we can get in adding variants.

6. Registering plates

This can also be done by clicking the "(i)" (info button) in the catalogue next to each stamp, and then clicking on "plates".

7. Registering forgeries

This can be done by clicking the "(i)" (info button) in the catalogue next to each stamp, and then clicking on "forgeries".

Once again, we greatly appreciate ANY help we can get with the above tasks, whether it involves 2 minutes of your time or 20.

If you feel that you could help with anything else (which we have not mentioned or thought of above) or if you have any ideas for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us you can do that by clicking here: Contact us!