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NL 08/15/2022 Typically Dutch - Football
VN 08/15/2022 Vietnam's Waterfalls
CN 08/13/2022 Qin Opera
IT 08/13/2022 The Renon Train, Since 1907
LT 08/13/2022 Tree Cake
MT 08/12/2022 Maltese Festa - Bormla Statue of Immaculate Conception
MD 08/12/2022 Cactus Flowers
KR 08/12/2022 Foreign Advocates for Korean Independence
US 08/12/2022 Elephants
IQ 08/10/2022 The 25th Anniversary of the Death of Al-Jawahiri, 1899-1997
MY 08/10/2022 Traditional Men's Headgear
RU 08/10/2022 The 50th Anniversary of the I. Levitan Memorial House-Museum
QU 08/09/2022 The 75th Anniversary of the Australian Antarctic Program
RO 08/09/2022 Fauna - Horse Breeds
TR 08/09/2022 The 15th Islamaic Solidarity Games - Konya
GL 08/08/2022 The 250th Anniversary of the Town Upernavik
SG 08/08/2022 Building a Green and Resilient Singapore
A2 08/06/2022 Joana Call, Executed for Witchcraft in 1471
JM 08/06/2022 The 60th Anniversary of Independence
PM 08/06/2022 Personalities - Anita Conti, 1899-1997
FK 08/05/2022 Stanley - Jubilee City
SK 08/05/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the National Firefighters' Union of Slovakia
DE 08/04/2022 World of Letters
TW 08/03/2022 Ancient Chinese Paintings from the National Palace Museum
AU 08/02/2022 Insects - Cicadas
IN 08/02/2022 The 75th Anniversary of the National Flag of India
JE 08/02/2022 Scientific Achievements
RS 08/02/2022 Dragan Džajić - Brand for the Whole World
BR 08/01/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the First Flight Across the South Atlantic
PT 08/01/2022 World Youth Day - Lisbon
GR 07/30/2022 World Friendship Day
AM 07/29/2022 Children's Philately - Armenian Cartoons
KV 07/29/2022 Marine Life - Fishes
ES 07/29/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing
WF 07/29/2022 The Legend of Mohukele
BY 07/28/2022 Professions - Salesperson
GB 07/28/2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham
IM 07/28/2022 The Creative Network Artist Collective
KZ 07/28/2022 Abu al-Khayr Muhammad Kahn, 1693-1748
LV 07/28/2022 The 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with the United States
TH 07/28/2022 The 70th Anniversary of the Birth of King Vajiralongkorn
UA 07/28/2022 Ukrainian Tractor Towing Destroyed Russian Tank
HR 07/27/2022 BIRDPEX - Protected Bird Species
PL 07/27/2022 Polish Regional Products - Obwarzanek Krakowski
FR 07/25/2022 The 100th Anniversary of the Death of Marcel Proust, 1871-1922
NC 07/25/2022 Cape N'Dua Lighthouse
PK 07/25/2022 The 100th Anniversary of Attock Oil Refinery
EG 07/23/2022 The 70th Anniversary of the July 23 Revolution
AD 07/22/2022 Plate of Braus d' Escaldes
NA 07/22/2022 Flowers - Sandhof Lily of Namibia