Newsletter March 2016

March 2016

Dear Member,

Thank you for tuning in. Spring is coming closer, the days are getting longer, and this has been longed for the entire winter. But as it still isn't time to bring out the beach-chairs, we put together a little light reading for you, to ease the waiting time.

In this newsletter, we are going to talk about several thing. We will do a final round up of our Prize Draw, as we still haven't heard from all the winners. We will also talk about some interesting recent stamp issues, and finally we have a great offer from The Australia Post that we want to share with you.

We are currently working on some major upgrades to Stampworld, as we are adding more features to the catalogue, and building new relationships with partnering organizations. We look forward to share these updates with you in the near future.

We hope you will enjoy this newsletter.


Penny Black Round-up

Our Penny Black Prize Draw ended on January 20th as you may know, and the prizes have recently been shipped from our offices. However, several winners of the draw still haven't contacted us, leaving us with a bunch of prizes here. If you are one of the lucky winners, please reach out to us, and if you are unsure whether you have won, you can check it out right here.

Penny Black Winners.

Get a Free Australia Post Decimal Currency Imperforate Minisheet

Australia Post has launched a new collectors website, and to celebrate, they are giving away a free Imperforate Minisheet to anyone, who signs up for their monthly collectibles newsletter before March 31st.

The website has a wide range of interesting content, for both new and experienced collectors. You can read about the latest stamp issues, see the stories behind the stamps, and receive exclusive online philatelic offers. You can visit the website by clicking here, or by clicking the Sign-Up button.

The terms and conditions for this offer, can be found here.

Current and Upcoming Stamp Issues

Aaland Post: Sailing Ships

This issue is part of a multi-year issue series, and depicts different sailing ships from the history of Aaland. The brig, Altai, was built in 1859 and was primarily used for transporting lumber on the North Sea. On the stamp, the ship is anchored outside of Copenhagen. Pehr Brahe, the barque, was built in 1877, and was the first deep sea ship in Aaland. Pehr Brahe was the first Aaland ship to reach the far East. You can see more about this issue here.

If you want to know everything about future issues from Aaland, you can sign up for their newsletter here

Correos Spain: Migration

This issue from Spain focuses on a situation, where more people than ever are being misplaced from their home countries, do to external reasons such as war and famine. The situation of the migrants is represented by a hand holding a wire fence in the background, and people carrying all their belongings in the front. This issue brings up an important situation which is worldwide, and hence important in all parts of the world. If you want to know more about this issue, you can do so here.

Australia Post: Fair Dinkum Aussie Alphabet

This recent issue by Australia Post relates to a range of homegrown Australian expressions, and has a humorous touch. The five different stamps represent five states of Australia, and each part of the stamp relates to an Australian word or saying. The series is designed by Gavin Ryan, and was issued on March 1st. If you want to know more about the story behind the stamps, you can visit Australia Post Collectibles, and if you wish to purchase the stamps, you can find them through Australia Post here.

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