Stampworld News - The Perfect Gift For the Collector

December 2016

Dear Member,

We just started the last month of the year, and we will soon be writing 2017 instead of 2016. That also means, that Christmas is just around the corner. It can be a hassle to find the perfect gift for someone, but we have tried to make the process a little easier.

Below we have a great offer for you, which is made in cooperation with Nordfrim. we encourage you to check it out, as the deal is extremely well-priced.

We also present QENSIO, a postal research agency, who are always looking for new members in their research panels. We encourage you to check them out!


The Perfect Gift For The Collector

Including a free VIP Stampworld subscription

We are starting to get close to Christmas, and slowly but surely, the pressure of finding just the right present sets in. Luckily Stampworld can help you with this.

In cooperation with Nordfrim, we have a great offer, containing what we believe is the perfect gift for the collector. The package contains everything a collector needs, no matter if he or she is an established collector, or a novice in philately.

The set comes in two different versions, and they start at only EUR 12.75 You can see the two sets below. Both sets include a free 1-year VIP subscription to Stampworld.

Standard Starter Set:

The set consists of 5 elements:

- Stamp pack with 1000 different worldwide

- Stockbook with stamp themed cover

- Tweezers

- Magnifying glass x10

- 1-year VIP Subscription to Stampworld

This set can be yours for only EUR 12.75!

This set is a great deal, because it comes at a very low price, and has great value. Just the many hours of fun that comes from sorting the included stamp pack, is worth the price alone.

Digitized Starter Set:

The set consists of 5 elements:

- Stamp pack with 1000 different worldwide

- Stockbook with stamp themed cover

- Tweezers

- Digital microscope for smartphone x50

- 1-year VIP Subscription to Stampworld

You might wish to introduce your children or grandchildren to the world of stamp collecting, and here is a chance. It can be hard to convince children about the benefits of stamp collecting, as it seems too old fashioned for their generation. The set contains a modern digital microscope that connects to a smartphone, allowing for magnification of up to 50 times. This, along with the ability to catalogue their collection online and use Stampworld to help identify stamps, might just be what is needed, to spark their interest in stamps.

This more modern set can be yours for only EUR 22.50!

Both sets come in a beautiful Christmas themed box, making it perfect as a Christmas present. Ordering and shipping is handled by Nordfrim.

You've Got Mail

Are you the type of person who just loves to receive new letters and packages? And are stamps your great passion, which you cannot have enough of? If that is so, you should really get to know "QENSIO-Man" and his "QENSIO-family"!

QENSIO is a market research agency focusing on international studies for postal services and international companies such as Deutsche Post. QENSIO has been successfully performing in this market for more than 10 years. They are based in Munich, where they have a team of 15 people working. QENSIO is working with a worldwide operating panel to measure the transit times of international letters and packages, namely how long it takes to send a test item from city A to city B.

QENSIO is always on the lookout for new participants/panel members!*

As a panel member, you will be acting as a recipient of worldwide test items, and you will report the date of receipt via the survey web portal.

It's very easy to do, and entering the data shouldn't take more than 10 minutes per week. Moreover, great benefits will be waiting for you, such as great bonuses and vouchers for very little effort, along with interesting postal studies.

Last but not least, you will receive letters and stamps from all over the world!

Participating is very simple, so what are you waiting for?

All you have to do is:

1. Register here.

2. Receive letters

3. Enter your data online after registering

4. Collect bonus points (and stamps)

5. Spend your bonus points on gifts or vouchers!

If you are interested in further information, please visit the website: And if you still have questions, please send an e-mail to

And who is this so called "QENSIO-Man"?

QENSIO-Man is a lively little guy, who likes to broaden his horizons and is interested in everything new. He's pretty much at home anywhere in the world and is always helpful and ready to have fun. He is very active on QENSIO's website, as well as on their Facebook page whenever something goes on, he shows up.

Right now, he is running the QENSIO-Man Facebook Quiz, where you can win vouchers for Amazon on a regular basis. A host of Christmas specials will be featured between now and Christmas. Participation in the events is easy and fun, and we encourage you to check it out. Just keep an eye on QENSIO's Facebook page, where events are announced.

*Please be aware that QENSIO does not have operations in all countries of the world, and may not require members from all countries. To hear more, contact QENSIO directly.

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