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June 2017

Check out this week's newsletter, which features three great new stamps issues from around Europe, as well as a few great offers from Nordfrim.

We will be going to both Ukraine, Spain, and Hungary today. We hope you will enjoy it.

Happy reading!


Great Recent Stamp Issues

Ukraine Post: 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the United States

On the 8th of May, the Ukrainian postal service issued a stamp celebrating the 25 anniversary of diplomatic relation between Ukraine and the Unites States. The US recognized Ukraine as an independent country in 1991, and in 1992, the consulate was changed to an embassy.

Although the relationship between the two countries have been under pressure at times, the general relationship is cordial.

The celebratory stamp depicts the flag of both countries at the top, and have the coat of arms from both countries shown below as well. The left side depicts the flag and Coat of Arms of Ukraine, with the American flag and Coat of Arms on the right. Below these, the official date of the 25th anniversary is written.

The stamp is denominated at RPH 4.40, and is produced in sheets of 9 stamps. You can find it in our catalogue.

Correios Spain: Gallego & Rey - History of Spain

This issue from the 3rd of May consists of two blocks. The two blocks depict the history of Spain in the 19th and 20th century respectively. The blocks are composed of one actual stamp, and 12 vignettes, each showing a person, place, or occurrence from Spanish history in the particular century. The block shown here is the one depicting the 20th century, and include such events as the Franco dictatorship regime, the Civil War, and the reign of King Juan Carlos I.

The stamp depicts King Juan Carlos I holding an olive branch and making a peace dove in shadow play. The stamp is denominated at 3.00, and can be found in our catalogue, where the second part of the issue is also available here.

Posta Magyar: Postal History

On May 4th Magyar Posta issued a set of 6 stamps, which feature different items related to postal history. The stamps are definitives, and are issued as individual stamps and FDC's only. The stamps show different postal items, such as hand stamps, mail boxes, post horns, and much more. The stamps carry different denominations and range from 5 Forint, to 300 Forint.

The stamp shown here, depicts a post office sign, carrying the Coat of Arms and a post horn. The full set can be found in our catalogue.

Nordfrim A/S - Stamps Worldwide

If you are looking to expand your stamp collection, you should give Nordfrim a look. They are one of the world's leading companies, when it comes to philately and philatelic accessories.

Nordfrim always have an enormous number of items in stock, and there is always something worth your time - anything else would also be highly unlikely, since they always have more than 13,000 items in stock!

Below, we have highlighted a few great offers from Nordfrim, which we encourage you to check out.

Chinese 1994 Year Pack - Now only EUR 57!

Now you can get your hands on a Chinese year pack from 1994 for only EUR 57. Chinese stamps from the 1990's tend to be some of the most beautiful issued, and as stock is limited, we encourage you to check it out, before it is too late.

David Bowie - Mint Set from Great Britain - Only EUR 11!

This set, issued by Royal Mail, is a tribute to the late, great musician David Bowie. The set consists of 6 stamps. The stamps have a vinyl finish, and are designed after the covers of some of Bowie's best albums.

Black GRANDE Classic Ring Binder from Lighthouse - Only 14 EUR - Save 14 EUR!

This very popular item from Lighthouse comes with a slipcase as well, and can hold up to 60 sheets in it. The Binder is available at only 14 EUR, which is half the regular price! This version is black, but it is also available in a range of other colours. The details of this can be found, by following the link.

As mentioned, we have only highlighted a few of the offers from Nordfrim, and they have a very wide range of great offers available at their website. They often update their stock, so it is definitely worth checking out.

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