Newsletter July 8 - 2016

June 2016

Dear Member,

This week we give you the new large summer brochure from Nordfrim, containing hundreds of great offers.

We round up the sweepstake we held on Facebook, which was sponsored, and we present all the winners.

Lastly we give an outlook on the future and the next steps for Stampworld.

So sit back and enjoy.


Nordfrim - New brochure out!

This week Nordfrim published their summer brochure, with a wide range of great offers on both accessories, stamps, and much more. With 68 pages of offers, there will be something for everyone. As the EURO 2016 is still running, there is a large section of football themed articles, as a celebration of the great sports event. You can find the brochure here, or by clicking the image.

Below we have highlighted a few of the great offers that Nordfrim has. The offers are a mix of accessories and duplicate lots, which are unsorted stamp packets from around the world.


Luxury stock book 64 white pages from Lighthouse - EUR 26 - Save EUR 7!

Format: A4 (230x305 mm). Stockbook from Lighthouse / Leuchtturm with metal protection corners. Cover in *crocodile*. 64 pages, doubled cover with double glassine interleaves. Delivered in assorted colors.

Stockbook with stamp illustrations on the cover - EUR 4.5 - Save EUR 3.5!

A4 format stockbook, with 16 white pages. A great offer, with a limited stock available - maximum 10 books per customer.

A4 Leuchtturm stock card without plastic pocket - EUR 1.1

Black stock card without plastic pocket, with 10 stripes on both sides. Format is 205x290 mm. Price for 50 items is EUR 0.80 per card.

Dublet lots:

Soviet Union - 500 gram duplicate lot - Only EUR 10!

Switzerland - Duplicate lots with 100 FDCs - Only EUR 16 - Save EUR 17!

Czechoslovakia - Duplicate lot with 280 stamps and 9 souvenir sheets - Only Eur 30!

Iran - Duplicate lot with 400 mint stamps - Only EUR 42!

Worldwide - Duplicate lot - more than 6000 stamps - Only EUR 56!

There are many other great offers available directly through Nordfrims web shop, and we encourage you to check them out yourself. And don't forget that Nordfrim offers free shipping on all orders above EUR 175.

Facebook Sweepstake

The time has come to find the winners of our Facebook sweepstake, sponsored by QENSIO.

We saw great interest in the sweepstake, and we would have loved to make everyone a winner. However, we have selected our winners, who are, in alphabetical order: Chris Finell, Crystal Frye, Dan Black, Dan Dundon Jr., Darryl Kassulke, Erin O'Shaughnessy, Fernando Almeida, Guiseppe Lanotte, John Applegarth, Jurie Wickham, Keith Mogford, Ken Boorman, Leila Piatt, Molly Ooka, Neow Aun Oon, Pd Lyons, Randy Rostad, Stewart Fleming, Tammy Hennig, and Varun Sundar.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the sweepstake! And to everyone who didn't win - better luck next time.

The winners have been contacted directly, and notified about the result.

What is next at Stampworld?

In these days, we are putting the final touches on a new cooperation with one of the largest and most well-respected companies, when it comes to stamp collecting, and philately in general. Once everything is finalized, we look forward to sharing this with you, which we hope will happen in the following newsletter.

We are always working to improve at Stampworld, and we are working on a whole range of great updates to the site, which we will be introducing in the near future. We are using the summer to get Stampworld in perfect shape, so we will be able to give you an even better experience on the site. We are making the site faster by upgrading our servers, so Stampworld will be easily accessible in all parts of the world, where internet is available.

We have made a whole range of minor corrections on Stampworld, and most of them will go unnoticed by most of our members. We keep improving the stability and functionality of the site, so that we can limit the hassle for you.

At Stampworld, we do our best to serve you the content that we believe you would appreciate the most. The best way for us to do that, is by knowing your specific areas of interests in relation to stamp collection. When we know what countries you are primarily interested in and what themes you prefer, we can provide you with content, news and great offers that relate to these areas. If you wish to fill in your interests, you can do it right here, or by going to your profile at

If you have a collection that you wish to sell, but do not want to go through the trouble of selling the items individually, here is some great news: At Stampworld, we are currently updating our collection section, so very soon the browsing and buying of collections, will be as simple and easy as browsing the regular catalogue. We are improving the search options, which will make it easier to find specific items. We are also making it much easier to get an overview of the selection, by improving the filtering options.

If you are interested in selling on Stampworld, or interested in supporting the future development of Stampworld, you can upgrade your account to either a VIP or a Sellers account. Information about this can be found here.

To stay informed about everything happening at you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.You can also keep an eye on the website, as improvements are implemented regularly. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can follow the link at the very bottom of this mail.