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September 2016

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Since the last newsletter, much has happened - the American election being the biggest event, based on media coverage. We have picked up the ball, and you can see more about it below.

Along with that, much more can be found below - happy reading!


American Presidents

As you have probably noticed, the American Presidential Election happened recently. It has been all over the news for the past few months, but the coverage has only grown, after Donald Trump took everyone by surprise and won the general election. the President-elect, who has no previous political experience, will be inaugurated on January 20th, but the months leading up to that, will not be a walk in the park. Before the inauguration, the President-elect will have to appoint a new administration, which includes more than 4000 persons in total.

Although Donald Trump is seen as a dividing figure, he is now the future president of The Unites States, and he has already been featured on various postal stamps, such as this issue from Liberia.

Usually, American presidents are not featured on stamps before they have been in office, and the United States Postal Service has had a long-standing rule, that only persons who are deceased, can be featured on their stamps. Normally, a President is remembered on a stamp in the year following his death. This means that all presidents up until Ronald Reagan (excluding Jimmy Carter, who is still alive), has been honored on at least one stamp by USPS. You can see a wide range of these stamps here, including the first president, and the most recently deceased.

In contrast to USPS, the postal authorities of other countries do not follow the same rules as the USPS. for this reason, a wide range of stamps have featured American presidents, while they were still in office. Barack Obama has already been featured in hundreds of stamps across the globe, and you can see a range of these stamps here.

Current and Upcoming Stamp Issues

Aaland Post: Year of the Rooster

On November 11th, Aaland Post issued a set of two stamps featuring roosters, in celebration of the upcoming Year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese calendar. The issue is part of a series, covering all twelve of the Chines zodiac signs. The stamps are designed by Martin Mörck, who plays a big role in the promotion of Aaland stamps in the Asian market. Martin Mörck has worked as an engraving instructor in Beijing. He also mentored the Chinese engraving students, who designed the first mini-sheet in the series about Chinese zodiac signs.

The roosters depicted on this stamp is a traditional breed, well suited for life in the North. The stamp can be found in our catalogue.

Guernsey Post: Stories From The Great War

Also issued on November 11th, Guernsey Post issued the third part of their series commemorating the role played in the first World War by soldiers from Guernsey. This issue focuses on the part played by the men engaged in the war at sea.

The issue consists of 6 stamps, each depicting soldiers, who fought in the war. The stamps feature the poppy, which has become a symbol of the Great War, and the signal flags together spell out "valour". To see more about the issue, visit Guernsey Post. The issue can be found in our catalogue.

Nordfrim A/S - Stamps Worldwide

Nordfrim is one of the leading companies, when it comes to stamps and philatelic accessories. With more than 13,000 items in their store at all times, they have something for every collector. Whether you are looking for a particular high-value stamp, or you are looking for something to sort through during the long winter, Nordfrim has you covered. At Stampworld, we are always eager to see what they have to offer, whenever we check out the website, and we are rarely disappointed. We have highlighted a few of our favorites here, that are definitely worth checking out.

Variety Box - Only EUR 55 - Save EUR 45!

This box contains various content, primarily from Europe, but with some overseas content as well. Might contain letters, cuttings, year sets, high-quality stamps, etc.

Giant Worldwide Collection - Only EUR 283!

This giant collection consists of more than 15,500 stamps from all over the world, divided into 83 packets of stamps. Price per stamp is less than EUR 0.02!

Apart from the highlighted items, Nordfrim has an extremely wide range of items in stock. We highly recommend you to visit their website, and check out their great offers.

In need of a Specialized Catalogue?

If you are the kind of collector, who needs more than what a regular catalogue might offer, here are some great news - you don't need to look much further!

MICHEL Catalogues have been around for many years, and have built up a great reputation, when it comes to specialized catalogues. They are used as a clear point of reference for many European collectors, who have historically based their collections on the MICHEL numbering system.
MICHEL carry a wide range of specialized catalogues, both on country and thematic levels, and is recommended if you need to go deeper than what is found in standardized catalogues. You can check out their different catalogues here.

What is going on at Stampworld?

At Stampworld, we are thrilled about the Fall season of 2016. Stampworld has more than 160,000 members from all over the world, and we are happy for every new member, and can't wait to welcome even more in the future.

Every day several thousand new items are added for sale on Stampworld, where we are quickly approaching 1.5 million stamps for sale. We are always working hard on improving the experience for all our members, and we are happy to tell you, that buying and selling collections on Stampworld has just become much easier. We have improved the layout of the Collections page, so it is now much easier to see what is offered, and who is offering it. We have improved the search functions, so it is much easier to find exactly the collection that you are looking for. Both buyers and sellers have been asking for this, and hence we are happy to finally be able to provide it. We encourage you to give the Collections page a look - you can find it here.

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