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MX 2019-12-11 Day of the Postal Worker
MY 2019-12-04 Traditional Craftwork
LU 2019-12-03 World War II - The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Ardennes
BY 2019-12-03 Folk Tales - Joint Issue with Azerbaijan
IT 2019-12-02 Christmas
KG 2019-12-02 Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat
CO 2019-11-29 The 25th Anniversary of CCIT - Colombian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication
IN 2019-11-29 Chota Char Dham of Uttrakhand
KZ 2019-11-29 Animated Films of Kazakhstan
MT 2019-11-29 Christmas
AT 2019-11-29 Christmas - The 70th Anniversary of Christkindl Post Office
HR 2019-11-28 The 100th Anniversary of Zagreb Technical High School
MC 2019-11-28 Paintings - "Bather Arranging Her Hair" - Renoir, 1841-1919
CZ 2019-11-27 "Touch of Fate II" - Ladislav Saloun, 1870-1946
MD 2019-11-26 Paintings from the Heritage of the National Fine Arts of Moldova
GB 2019-11-26 Star Wars - The Rise of the Skywalker
GR 2019-11-25 Christmas
BG 2019-11-22 Christmas
JE 2019-11-20 Christmas - A Children's Nativity Play
KV 2019-11-20 Universal Children's Day
CY 2019-11-14 Christmas
CA 2019-11-14 Hanukkah
LI 2019-11-14 Diversity - Joint Issue with Switzerland
A2 2019-11-12 The 25th Anniversary of Andorra in the Council of Europe
GI 2019-11-12 Nature Reserves - Joint Issue with Romania
AY 2019-11-11 Armistice Day - The 100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day
AD 2019-11-08 The 25th Anniversary of Andorra in the Council of Europe
ES 2019-11-07 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage - Silbo Gomero
EG 2019-11-06 The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948
UA 2019-11-06 Mosaic of Michael the Archangel - Kiev, Ukraine
ID 2019-11-05 Flora of Indonesia
B3 2019-11-05 Cultural Heritage
BR 2019-11-04 Women Who Made History - Maria da Penha
DE 2019-11-02 Flowers
AU 2019-11-01 Christmas
AW 2019-10-31 Birds and Feathers
BD 2019-10-31 First Computer Programmer of Bangladesh - Md. Hanifuddin Miah, 1929-2007
IS 2019-10-31 Paintings - Icelandic Art
PT 2019-10-31 The 200th Anniversary of the First Unabridged Edition of the Almeida Bible
GG 2019-10-30 Christmas
US 2019-10-25 Holiday Wreaths
AX 2019-10-24 Christmas
JP 2019-10-23 Gifts from the Forest
UZ 2019-10-23 The Tale of Zumrad and Kimmat
CF 2019-10-21 Fauna - Turtles
GL 2019-10-21 The Greenland Environment - Plastic Pollution
IQ 2019-10-21 The 145th Anniversary of U.P.U. - Universal Postal Union
MN 2019-10-21
EE 2019-10-19 The 150th Anniversary of St. Peter's Congregation in Tartu
CN 2019-10-17 The 100th Anniversary of Nankai University