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BR 2023-09-29 Diplomatic Relations with Argentina - Mafalda
SG 2023-09-29 Early Singapore River Settlement
ES 2023-09-29 Astronomy
GR 2023-09-28 The 350th Anniversary of the Petraki Monastery
IT 2023-09-28 The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Franca Florio, 1873-1950
PL 2023-09-28 The Museum of Polish History
RU 2023-09-28 Sports - Springboard Diving
BY 2023-09-28 Legends of Belarusian Sports
BA 2023-09-27 World Tourism Day - Miljacka Spring
IQ 2023-09-27 The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Naziq Al-Bala'ika, 1923-2007
AU 2023-09-26 Edwin Flack, 1873-1935
MY 2023-09-26 National Art Laureates
SM 2023-09-26 The 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with the European Union
AD 2023-09-26 The Engolasters Cable Car
AT 2023-09-26 Julia Haugeneder - Folding
FR 2023-09-25 Shared Gardens
PT 2023-09-25 Serralves Foundation - The 100th Anniversary of the Serralves Park
A2 2023-09-23 Wild Strawberry
CN 2023-09-23
TW 2023-09-23 The 300th Anniversary of the Forming of the Changhua County
TN 2023-09-23 Tunisian Harissa
VN 2023-09-23 Rice Paddies of Vietnam
CY 2023-09-22 Old Buses of Cyprus
PF 2023-09-22 Endemic Insects of Tahiti
GI 2023-09-22 Insects - Butterflies of Gibraltar
HR 2023-09-22 The 150th Anniversary of the Croatian National Theater Building in Varaždin
MD 2023-09-22 Composers
PK 2023-09-22 The 100th Anniversary of the Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Company
RS 2023-09-22 Personalities - Sándor Petőfi, 1823-1849
SK 2023-09-22 The Renaissance Manor House in Brodzany
SI 2023-09-22 Fountain in Novo Mesto
US 2023-09-22 Osirix-REx Return to Earth
AX 2023-09-22 My Stamps - Sustainability
BM 2023-09-21 Fauna - Backyard Birds
BW 2023-09-21 Marine Life - Fishes of Botswana
DK 2023-09-21 Flora Danica
HK 2023-09-21 Hong Kong Vegetables
IE 2023-09-21 Cancer Awareness - Research and Care
RO 2023-09-21 National Stamp Exhibition "TIMFILEX 2023"
GB 2023-09-21 Dame Shirley Bassey
KR 2023-09-21 Philately Week - Street Food
VA 2023-09-21 Decade for Ecosystem Restoration
MK 2023-09-20 Personalities - Nikola Martinoski, 1903-1973
MN 2023-09-20 The 100th Anniversary of the Secondary School No.1 of the Capital City
TH 2023-09-20 The 140th Anniversary of Thai Postage Stamps
AM 2023-09-19 The 8th Pan-American Summer Games
GT 2023-09-19 Ancient Temples - Joint Issue with Mexico
CC 2023-09-19 Birds - Water Hens
MX 2023-09-19 Ancient Temples - Joint Issue with Guatemala
WF 2023-09-18 The 50th Anniversary of the Death of Monsignor Poncet, -1973