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ES 2019-11-07 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage - Silbo Gomero
B3 2019-11-05 Cultural Heritage
BR 2019-11-04 Women Who Made History - Maria da Penha
PT 2019-10-31 The 200th Anniversary of the First Unabridged Edition of the Almeida Bible
US 2019-10-25 Holdiay Wreaths
JP 2019-10-23 Gifts from the Forest
AT 2019-10-18 Stamp Day - The 500th Anniversary of the Death of Emperor Maximilian I, 1459-1519
PM 2019-10-16 Galantry Lighthouse
SK 2019-10-11 Nature Protection - Fruit Trees
NC 2019-10-10 Architectural Heritage - Loyalty Islands
GB 2019-10-10 Children's Books - The 20th Anniversary of The Gruffalo
BA 2019-10-09 Los Rosales Center for Children and Youth with Special Needs
B2 2019-10-09 Ethnological Treasure
GL 2019-10-09 The 50th Anniversary of World Post Day
MV 2019-10-03 Fauna - Turtles
CF 2019-09-24 Sports - Ice Hockey
DK 2019-09-19 Art on Stamps - Morten Schelde
IL 2019-09-18 Festivals
A3 2019-09-18 Cape Adare
TV 2019-09-18 Marine Life - Surgeonfish
LU 2019-09-17 The 100th Anniversary of the Luxembourg Association of Midwives
UNE 2019-09-13 International Year of Indigenous Languages
FR 2019-09-12 Architectural Heritage
IS 2019-09-12 The 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Jón Árnason, 1819-1888
EE 2019-09-11 Estonian Fauna - Mole
SR 2019-09-11 America UPAEP Issue - Typical Meals
CY 2019-09-10 The 70th Anniversary of The Council of Europe
KP 2019-09-10 Pyongyang Teachers Training College
KR 2019-09-09 The Style of the Hanbok
UY 2019-09-09 Rygby World Cup - Tokyo, Japan
GD 2019-09-08 Birds - Roseate Spoonbill
AD 2019-09-08 Venice Biennale - The Future is Now
A2 2019-09-06 Classic Cars - Renault 4CV
PF 2019-09-06 The 100th Anniversary of the Death of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, 1880-1919
IN 2019-09-06 Indian Fashion
KG 2019-09-06 Red Book of Kyrgyzstan - Reptiles & Amphibians
BS 2019-09-05 Definitives - Native Plants
BG 2019-09-05 The 29th Congress of the WSCTS - World Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons
IE 2019-09-05 Culture Night
LV 2019-09-05 Father's Day
CH 2019-09-05 The 1000th Anniversary of Basel Cathedral
RS 2019-09-05 Children's Drawings
TN 2019-09-05 EUROMED Issue - Traditional Costumes
DE 2019-09-05 The 250th Annievrsary of the Birth of Alexander von Humboldt, 1769–1859
NZ 2019-09-04 Tourism - Te Araroa Trail
PN 2019-09-04 Dark Sky - Mata ki te Rangi
CZ 2019-09-04 Nature Protection - Zoological Gardens
BY 2019-09-04 The 1000th Anniversary of the First Written Reference to the City of Brest
GI 2019-09-03 Paintings - The 500th Anniversary of the Death of Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519
RU 2019-09-03 The 300th Anniversary of the State Fund of Precious Metals of Russia